Women in the Trades, Logistics, Manufacturing and Engineering Expo – Cerritos, CA

WORKFORCE BOARD: Southeast Los Angeles County WDB

LOCATION: Cerritos, CA

JOBSEEKER EXPERIENCE: More than 100 middle and high school students converged at Toolots headquarters in Cerritos Wednesday for the Women in the Trades, Logistics, Manufacturing and Engineering Expo. The event was an opportunity for dozens of young women from a range of school districts in Los Angeles County already pursuing the trades through their current coursework to interact directly with female engineers, construction workers and tradeswomen already successfully integrated in the industry. The expo was offered by the Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Development Board (SELACO WDB) and Cerritos College. Five panelists, including female senior engineers, an apprenticeship instructor and others involved in the trades as part of their day jobs, gave informative presentations on what it is like to actually work in a trades-related career. Students seized the opportunity to ask questions of the panelists, some who were in the same place as these middle and high school students years ago, inspiring many to pursue their careers of choice – whether through continuing education, pure dedication or an effective combination of both. The expo was developed to help local female students gain a better understanding of the trades, construction, manufacturing and engineering and gave them a unique opportunity to meet one-on-one with trade schools, community colleges, organizations that work with women in non-traditional fields. The highlight of the event was an activity “Breaking Down the Barriers” where with the guidance of a motivational speaker the young ladies filled easel size post-its with what barriers they believed they face in achieving their goals and then gave details on how they could overcome those barriers.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Marjean Clements, marjeanc2selaco.com

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