Summer Youth Manufacturing Program – Wichita, KS

WORKFORCE BOARD: Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas


Spirit AeroSystems and the Workforce Centers of South Central Kansas have partnered as part of the
Youth Employment Project to offer the 2017 Summer Manufacturing Program to 20 youth ages 16- 19.
2017 is the pilot year for the program, which has gained great support from Tom Gentile, Spirit
AeroSystems President & CEO. The program is also being replicated at the Spirit AeroSystems facility in
Tulsa, Okla., with 15 youth.

“This program provides a great opportunity for young adults to get a hands-on look at what it’s like to
work in a manufacturing trade,” said Gentile. “We’re proud to partner with the Workforce Centers of
South Central Kansas to provide these opportunities.”

The Summer Manufacturing Program kicked off June 9. Spirit AeroSystems created two programs: one
for participants ages 16-17 and one for participants ages 18-19. While both groups will have the
opportunity to tour the expansive plant and other group activities, the two programs differ in structure.
Participants in the 16- 17 year old program have the opportunity to learn more about manufacturing,
including assembly and fabrication, in a controlled environment. This program runs June 9-29, and
participants are working 20 hours per week.

Participants in the 18-19 year old program are participating in one of two tracks: assembly or
fabrication. Participants are paired with a mentor during the program while they experience the
manufacturing shop floor and learn the requirements of a career path in manufacturing. This program
runs June 9- July 27, and participants are working 20 hours per week.

““Manufacturing is a vital part of our economy, and businesses like Spirit rely on the ability to hire
talented individuals to perform these critical roles,” Gentile said. “It’s our hope that by participating in
the Summer Manufacturing Program, we introduce participants to a career they will wish to pursue
upon entering the workforce fulltime.”


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