Sacramento, CA – Veteran Success

Jeff Brose served in the US Marine Corps as a Radio Field Operator from 1995 to 1997. In 1999, he began a career in software development as a Programmer Analyst. Throughout the years, he successfully progressed in his career in different occupations, including Senior Software Engineer, Senior Software Developer, Chief Technology Officer, and Web Developer. In March 2016, an IT Analyst at the time, Jeff’s contract ended. From March to August, Jeff was unable to obtain employment and utilized his savings for living expenses before having to vacate his apartment. Fortunately, he was able to receive temporary housing with the Salvation Army, August 2016.

Homeless, unemployed, and frustrated with finding employment, Jeff contacted American River College, Staci Teegarden, who then referred him to SETA. After much research, Jeff believed he needed some formal training to help make him more marketable for employment. On August 24, 2016, Jeff visited SWJC Hillsdale for assistance. Although Jeff has over 15 years of progressive professional experience as a software developer, he believed not having current, formal training in certain programming languages, such as JAVA made him less marketable for employment. Eligible for training, Jeff was enrolled in the Computer Programming – Java Certification program under the VEAP grant for veterans. Although he was enrolled in training, there were other barriers Jeff faced, including housing, income, and necessary medical equipment. In October 2016, Jeff moved into the Mather Community Campus for one-year of housing support. In November 2016, his unemployment insurance benefits, was reinstated and he received the necessary medical equipment. On May 13, 2017, Jeff successfully completed training, seven months ahead of schedule, and on May 17th he interviewed for two positions. He was offered employment with BloodSource as a Software Developer and began employment June 12, 2017.

Statement from Jeff: “I am greatly appreciative of the Salvation Army, Mather Community Campus and SETA for helping me get my career back on track. The training I received thru SETA was instrumental in landing my job as I was able to answer interview questions that without the training I would have not been able to answer them successfully. This would have been a show stopper. I would like to especially thank the following SETA employees for helping me get skills up to date and to get job ready: Lorna Devine, Amy Ruddell, Kim Oliver, Marianne Friedrich, and Staci Teegarden at ARC. There are many others that deserve recognition and thank you for all your support.”

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