Julia Sanchez

WORKFORCE BOARD: Employers’ Training Resource (Kern/Inyo/Mono)

LOCATION: Bakersfield, CA

Julia Sanchez migrated to the United States at the age of 19 and began working in the fields to earn a living. She came with high hopes of achieving the All American Dream. Over time Julia married and had six children. After a divorce, she continued to work in the fields to provide for her family as a single mother. After a long tedious day in the fields she heard about our training and employment program on the radio. She decided to call Employers’ Training Resource to ask a career planner about engaging in clerical training. She was told that she needed a high school diploma or GED and to increase her English speaking abilities to qualify for the program. After two years of hard work and perseverance she earned her GED and had improved her English skills so she was enrolled into Clerical Training through the National Farm Worker Jobs Program. Julia worked hard and received a valid typing certificate and improved her computer skills which allowed her to participate in a Work Experience opportunity to learn new skills on the job. Through her education, English language improvements, clerical training and work experience training Julia was able to obtain a full time, permanent position as a Service Clerk for the Migrant Agricultural Childcare program with Community Action Partnership of Kern County. She works hard to continue to provide for her family and enjoys her new job where she can influence other children from farm laborers to achieve their dreams.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Danette Scarry, danettes@co.kern.ca.us

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